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SMART Goal Setting -- Relevant Goals

RSMART Goals are Relevant

Well, who's goals are they anyway? That's the question that you need to ask yourself. If you're setting goals because someone else thinks they're important -- or you think that they think it's important -- then you are setting yourself up for a hard road and most likely failure.

Own Goals

Nobody loves an own goal in hockey or soccer. It's hard enough to win without helping the other team. But when it comes to setting your personal goals, an own goal is critical. This is where you set goals that are relevant to you! Let's face it. We've all been told that we should do something (lose weight, quit smoking, exercise more...) for our own good. And the fact is that these may well be worthwhile goals. But if they aren't coming from our own dreams and desires for our life, they are likely to fail. That is because our desires are a big motivator. When we want something, the work that it takes to get there is less of a burden.


Making sure that a goal is relevant is critical to your ability to achieve the goal. If I arbitrarily decide that I will become a major league baseball player because the money is good, the chances of me achieving that are pretty slim. Even if I had the time, money, training and basic skills I would still most likely fail. That's because I don't particularly like baseball. I don't hate it, but it doesn't fill my heart with passion. Without the passion I wouldn't make the sacrifices needed to get to the end. It is possible that the money motivation may be enough to pull me through, but not likely. On the other hand, golf or hockey would be relevant goals for me since I am passionate about them. When you are reviewing your goals keep this in mind. Make your goals own goals -- make them relevant!

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